Experienced, knowledgable, and professional attorney

"Matthew assisted my husband and me with our estate planning documents. He was very attentive and knowledgable throughout the entire process. He kept us very informed on the different areas of the estate planning process while still allowing us to make the decisions ourselves. We had a wonderful experience."


Highly recommend this professional and intelligent attorney

"Mr. Quick was extremely upfront with the challenges and limitations my partner and I faced when it came to estate planning in the State of Michigan. However, he also educated us on what we could do to mitigate the obstacles and protect us and our heirs to the highest extent possible. 

Mr. Quick kept us informed of the entire process and exceeded every one of our expectations. 

We had the opportunity to interact with him in a couple social settings and his level of confidentiality was the best I have ever seen it in my professional career. 

I have the utmost trust and professional and personal respect for Mr. Quick and would not hesitate to call on his expertise in the least bit. In fact, I regularly consult with Mr. Quick in situations that warrant his advice and at a minimum I look forward to reviewing our estate and other legal matters on an annual basis."


Hard Working and Trustworthy Lawyer

"Matt has helped me get my small business up and running and has been so helpful in the process. He is always looking out for me and making sure I have things in order. Great guy and always ready to help or find the right answer for me."

"Highly recommended!"


Skillful Estate Planning Attorney

"Mr. Quick did a wonderful job with our estate plan. He met with us at our convenience, had the documents prepared when he said he would, was reasonably priced, and very courteous. While preparing the documents, he kept us informed and followed-up when necessary. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a hard-working estate planning lawyer."


Dave's Review

"My experience with Matthew has been excellent. He always keeps me informed, has great attention to detail, and very accessable. I highly recomend his services."


Knowledgeable Attorney

"Attorney Matthew Quick made our estate planning a simple task. He walked us right through the process from beginning to end explaining each step and why it is important to have. He answered all questions with great knowledge and is still willing to answer any questions."


Real Estate closing was a breeze

"As a Realtor that works with dozens of attorneys, I am slow to post good reviews. Matthew helped fill gaps in communication and became my go-to resource for updates on the transaction. I'm going to recommend him to our 'trusted' list for our office of 100 agents!"

I recommend Matthew Quick

"Estate planning is too important to do on your own. The help of an experienced and trustworthy attorney is crucial, and Matt fulfills both of those qualifications. I have recommended him to my family, friends, and business associates. He is an asset to any estate planning team."


Matthew is knowledgeable and conscientious

"Matt did our estate planning as well as power of attorney and HIPAA waiver. With Michigan law banning same sex marriages my partner and I felt that we were denied specific healthcare rights and end of life considerations. Matt understood how to navigate around state and federal laws so that when the time comes we can be there for one another and honor the end of life decisions that we have made together."


Best Lawyer we've ever worked with!

"Matthew Quick is by far the best lawyer we've ever had the pleasure of working with. Our situation was complicated and highly unusual, so his detailed, thorough analysis of all the options was immensely helpful, as was his ability to explain the options clearly to us. The information he provided not only helped us make informed decisions, but gave us peace of mind when we needed it the most. He was very responsive, replying promptly to our emails even on weekends or off hours, and looked for ways to keep our expenses as low as possible. Thanks to Mr. Quick's intelligence, efficiency, and pleasant personality, a situation which could have been extremely stressful was resolved without difficulty. He is an outstanding lawyer, and we can't recommend him highly enough!"


I recommend Matthew Quick to be your estate planning attorney

"We hired Matthew after our baby was born to help us create an estate plan. We could not be more happy with his level or knowledge and response time. He was very patient with us and very helpful along the way. Matthew is very professional and discrete. He went the extra mile on two occasions to file with the county and city during our estate creation. I would recommend his services to anyone creating an estate plan (power of attorney, trusts, wills, etc). I've recommended him to several friends already."