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  • Matthew Quick is by far the best lawyer we've ever had the pleasure of working with. Our situation was complicated and highly unusual, so his detailed, thorough analysis of all the options was immensely helpful, as was his ability to explain the options clearly to us.
    — Valerie
  • Attorney Matthew Quick made our estate planning a simple task. He walked us right through the process from beginning to end explaining each step and why it is important to have. He answered all questions with great knowledge and is still willing to answer any questions.
    — Anonymous
  • Matt has helped me get my small business up and running and has been so helpful in the process. He is always looking out for me and making sure I have things in order. Great guy and always ready to help or find the right answer for me. Highly recommended!
    — Nick
  • Matt did our estate planning as well as power of attorney and HIPAA waiver. With Michigan law banning same sex marriages my partner and I felt that we were denied specific healthcare rights and end of life considerations. Matt understood how to navigate around state and federal laws so that when the time comes we can be there for one another and honor the end of life decisions that we have made together.
    — Jason
  • As a Realtor that works with dozens of attorneys, I am slow to post good reviews. Matthew helped fill gaps in communication and became my go-to resource for updates on the transaction. I'm going to recommend him to our 'trusted' list for our office of 100 agents!
    — Renee
  • I hired Mr. Quick when a business deal went bad. He did a great job. He was very professional and worked very hard to attend to all of our needs. He kept us very informed on the process as it was happening and all of our options. It was a very drawn out process, Mr. Quick was very patient with us and was there with us through ever step of the way.He stayed very persistent and got the results that other lawyers could not achieve. What also made working with Mr. Quick nice was, he is very down to earth and personable. Very easy to get along with and made it easy to ask questions if we had any. I would highly recomend Mr. Quick. I would definatly use him in the future if needed.
    — Renee

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