Electronic Tax Lien Registry

          In an effort to improve efficiency and implement new technology, the Illinois Department of Revenue (“IDOR”) has transitioned to an electronic tax lien registry, designed to replace county level filings. The registry functions as an online searchable database, and contains all active liens filed by the IDOR.

         The cost of filing 39,000 liens state-wide last year cost the IDOR $700,000 in fees and labor; the new electronic registry is expected to help reduce these costs and create a more effective mechanism for the collection of taxes. Information about liens is expected to be produced more quickly, filing costs reduced, and receipt of tax funds accelerated. The registry will now be the only source for obtaining tax lien information.

         There are no fees, sign-up expenses or any other costs associated with searching the registry. To access the registry, visit the IDOR webpage at tax.illinois.gov and click on the “Quick Links” tab. A YouTube tutorial video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DITvksZs2JU and questions regarding the registry may be emailed to rev.lien@illinois.gov